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Scotland’s national centre for youth justice has been awarded funding for research that will explore the nature and experience of loss among young people in care, through art and photography.

The funding from the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland was awarded to Nina Vaswani, who is Research Lead for CYCJ.

These young people typically have backgrounds characterised by disadvantage; neglect; abuse and family breakdown, which can result in increased vulnerability, poor outcomes and more complicated attachments.

Growing up in such circumstances increases the likelihood of experiencing multiple bereavements, and these losses can be compounded by the separation of being in care. There are also losses specifically associated with being in care, such as loss of identity.

This project will explore with young people the extent, nature and experience of loss in their lives and identify the implications for practice for professionals working with this population.

To ensure that the young people are active participants, the research will adopt an approach using photography, storyboards and photo-interviewing techniques. A photographer provide support in the creative process.  Results will be published in a research paper and a comic book for young people, and presented at conferences and seminars.

Can you help? Nina is looking for ten young people aged between 12 to 17, in residential or foster care who have had previous or current involvement in offending (no matter how minor) to participate.  If you think you know a young person who might be interested, please contact nina.vaswani@strath.ac.uk to find out more in the first instance.

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