Bairns’ Hoose draft standards out for consultation

Consultation on the draft standards for Scotland’s Bairns’ Hoose, a model that supports a child-centred response to health and justice for victims or witnesses of serious crime and abuse, is now open.

Working with CYCJ’s participation team and funded by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, children and young people were consulted on the draft standards and how these should look.

You can read the Draft Standards here – there is a full version and a shorter, child-friendly version.

CYCJ has also produced a report sharing children and young people’s views on how the Bairns’ Hoose can be as helpful as possible for children in Scotland who have been victims of harm, as well as children under 12 whose actions might have caused harm.

‘Hear Us, Make Changes’ was co-produced with children and young people who have experienced harm or conflict with the law.

Bairns’ Hoose – based on an Icelandic model “Barnahus” – will bring together children’s services in a ‘four rooms’ approach, with child protection, health, justice and recovery services all made available in one setting.

A key aim of the model is to reduce the number of times children have to recount their experiences to different professionals. The Vulnerable Witnesses (Criminal Evidence) (Scotland) Act 2019 is also a milestone piece of legislation in the journey towards the Bairns’ Hoose model.

Please help us get the Bairns’ Hoose right for everyone who needs it, by giving feedback on this important consultation and encouraging others to do so. The consultation closing date is November 4, with the final standards due to be published in February 2023.

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