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The Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ) aims to help support policy and practice change in relation to youth and criminal justice, through practice development, research and knowledge exchange. Every two years we conduct a survey of our key stakeholders to help us decide what our priorities should be for the coming year.

This year we are especially keen to hear from parents and carers of children who have had contact with the justice system in Scotland. 

We have created a short survey for parents and carers that will take about five to 10 minutes to complete. People are eligible to take part if their child, or a child they care for, has had contact with the Scottish justice system in some way. This contact could be current, or it could be in the past.

This survey is completely anonymous, and all information will be stored securely, and only used to help prioritise our workplan for next year, and in a report to be published on our website.

Please click on the Parents and Carers Survey to start. The survey will be open until November 28, 2018.

We would be grateful if you could circulate this online survey to any of your parent networks and contacts that might be interested in completing it. Parents and carers can also contact us directly if they wish to complete the survey in paper format, or over the phone.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey please contact or call 0141 444 8622.

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