Creative Conversations with CYCJ Episode 8: Tim Chapman

For Episode 8 of Creative Conversations with CYCJ Pamela Morrison and Rollo Strickland were joined by renowned RJ expert Tim Chapman, Visiting Professor at The University of Strathclyde. In a rewarding and wide ranging discussion, we touched on how restorative justice differs from ‘restorative practice’ or ‘restorative approaches’, the need for RJ facilitators to examine their own conscious and unconscious biases and the relationship between children’s rights and restorative justice.

At the end of this conversation we allude to a training course being delivered by Tim Chapman, on Restorative Justice from a Children’s Rights perspective. We’re delighted to announce that this course is now available, and will take place at The University of Strathclyde on February 5th and 6th 2024. To find out more, or apply to take part, visit:

Releavant Resources and links:

Restorative Justice Training Needs Analysis by Professor Tim Chapman, Tania Nascimento and Professor Cyrus Tata, available via:

Restorative Justice from a Children’s Rights Perspective (Wolthuis and Chapman)…ghts-perspective

Tim Chapman’s CYCJ Webinar (2021) on the relationship between children’s rights and restorative justice practice:

CYCJ Practice Guide Chapter on Restorative Justice:…ION-12-FINAL-.pdf

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