Written Evidence for Jay Review of CCE

Commissioned by Action for Children, the Jay Review has been established to make recommendations on reducing child criminal exploitation (CCE) in the UK. 

On Thursday 23rd November CYCJ’s Donna McEwan presented evidence to the Jay Review in person. This Resource is the written evidence that was submitted to the Review following that panel appearance. The key question for the Review is: ‘how can policy and practice better prevent child criminal exploitation in the UK?’

This written evidence is anchored around 3 main sub-questions: 

  1. What is the scale and nature of CCE in the UK? 
  2. How, and how well, are safeguarding partners and other organisations responding to the problem of CCE through service provision? 
  3. Do we have the right legal and policy framework to prevent CCE? 


Download Written evidence for the Jay Review

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