Practitioner Case Studies

The Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ) is pleased to introduce its first collection of Practitioner Case Studies, with the aim of providing the busy youth justice workforce with easy access to a wide variety of approaches and learning. Each Case Study was written by practitioner(s) working in the third sector and local authorities, to inform, inspire and share good practice with others.

Based on feedback from our stakeholders across Scotland, they cover a broad range of youth justice topics, including implementing Care and Risk Management (CARM) in Edinburgh; Intensive Support and Monitoring Service and multi-agency working in Glasgow; the Whole System Approach in East Ayrshire; introducing a Structured Deferred Sentence Service in South Lanarkshire; speech and language therapy by the Perth and Kinross REACH Team; taking a problem solving approach in Aberdeen; the Highland Youth Action Service; CYCJ’s Interventions for Vulnerable Youth (IVY) Project; and Sacro’s STOP (Sacro Tackling Offending Prejudices) programme.

These Case Studies were inspired by positive reactions to CYCJ’s 2017 ‘Supporting Young People Involved in Offending up to 21 years old: Extending the Whole System Approach’ paper, written with Kevin Carter of West Lothian Council and Fiona Dyer from CYCJ, which looked at how West Lothian Local Authority has extended all aspects of the WSA, where possible, to under 21s and how this could work in wider practice.

Each Case Study details the background to the problem; examples of good practice; benefits and impact; challenges and barriers; and what has been learnt.

We will endeavour to update these Case Studies, initially on an ad hoc basis, and on a more formal basis if demand requires this. If you would like to submit a case study to CYCJ, or have feedback, please get in touch via or 0141 444 8622 to discuss.

Practitioner Case Studies – full version

1. Implementing Care and Risk Management (CARM) arrangements: Edinburgh City Council (David Orr)
2. Intensive Support and Monitoring Service: Multi-agency working in Glasgow (Richard Gillespie, Glasgow City Council)
3. Perth and Kinross REACH Team and the involvement of Speech and Language Therapists (Tracey Garland, Janie Scott, Julia Pollok and Lynsay Johnston)
4. Whole System Approach: East Ayrshire Council (Natalie Armitage)
5. Highland Youth Action Service (Carrie McLaughlan)
6. Structured Deferred Sentence (Gillian Booth, South Lanarkshire)
7. The IVY Project (Dr Kate Black, IVY)
8. Problem Solving Approach (Lorna Murray, Aberdeen City Council)
9. STOP (Sacro Tackling Offending Prejudices) (Kate Ritchie, Sacro)

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