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In criminal justice literature, crime prevention is a topic that is often dealt with theoretically. One example is the ‘Broken Windows’ theory – although this can sometimes lead to effective policies being made, such as ‘zero tolerance’ policing.

Text books such as ‘The Oxford Handbook of Criminology’ (available in CYCJ’s library) are often a good starting point. In the community approaches to crime prevention are also wide ranging, from Neighbourhood Watch schemes through to the Safer Scotland initiative.

The following websites providing useful information and resources:

Articles of potential interest include:

  • Adding Social Context to Developmental Analyses of Crime Prevention (Goodnow, 2006)
  • Distinguishing the City, Neighbourhood and Individual Level in the Explanation of Youth Delinquency (Wiejters et al, 2007)
  • Taking the Developmental Pathways Approach to Understanding and Preventing Antisocial Behaviour (Lawrence, 2006)
  • Preventing Parolees from Returning to Prison Through Community-Based Reintegration (Zhang et al, 2006)
  • The Impact of Community Disadvantage on the Relationship between the Family and Juvenile Crime (Carter et al, 2006)
  • Schools, Pupil Behaviour and Young Offenders: Using Postcode Classification to Target Behaviour Support and Crime Prevention Programmes (Haden, 2007)

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