Young People and MAPPA in Scotland

‘Young People and MAPPA in Scotland’ was written by Paul Rigby, Bill Whyte and Marguerite Schinkel.  All three were previously involved with the Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (when it was known as the Criminal Justice Social Work Development Centre).

The majority of young people in Scotland are dealt with via the Children’s Hearing System. While a small minority who are involved in sexual offending will be processed through the criminal courts and become subject to supervision and monitoring under MAPPA, international guidelines and best practice indicate that children should not be prosecuted in adult court and processed in the same systems as adult offenders.

The function of MAPPA is public protection and the reduction of serious harm, and the extent to which it is compatible with guidance and best practice with supervision of children and young people with complex needs some clarification. This study is based on the situation in Scotland in November 2011, and although now largely historical in its nature, raises a number of significant issues regarding the use of MAPPA with children and young people under 18 years and highlights potential areas for further study.

Please note that this is a historical report, which has not been officially published.


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