Dr Addy Adelaine

Research Fellow
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Dr Addy Adelaine is an international social worker and methodological specialist who joined the Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ) in Feb 2024. Her specialist areas of work include: inclusive accountability, action research, knowledge, data and epistemic equity, feminism, inclusive research and leadership, accountability and race equity in the UK, youth equality, collaborative knowledge creation, accountability and research approaches in emergency/disaster contexts, use of complexity informed approaches in research, and ethical research practices in challenging environments.

Prior to joining the University of Strathclyde Addy ran the non-profit organisation Ladders4Action. An organisation that sought to connect knowledge and action, in inclusive, ethical and practical ways. Whilst leading Ladders4Action Addy undertook work for a number of public, private and charitable organisations, including UNICEF, NHS England and the Scottish Government, she is perhaps most well-known for her work on inclusive leadership with the NHS and for a co-authored an open letter to UKRI which challenged inequity in higher education and the research sector. The open letter was signed by almost 3,000 individuals and was recognised by UKRI for heightening awareness and changing the discourse on equity in the sector.

Addy completed her PhD in 2016. In her doctoral study she explored the methodological and practical potential for youth-led action research to enhance organisational accountability. To facilitate her study she worked with slum dwelling young women in Kampala over an 18 month period.

In her role as Research Fellow at CYCJ, Addy continues to advocate for inclusion, accountability and knowledge equity in a wide range of arenas. Her work now focuses on developing the youth-led research programme for CYCJ, and oversight of research projects on the Scottish Child Interview Model (SCIM) and implementation of Barnahus/Bairn’s Hoose model of practice (a child-friendly centre for victims of crime) in Scotland.

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