An Inspiring Journey to the European Forum for Restorative Justice

Pamela Morrison, a Practice Development Advisor at the CYCJ, recently attended the European Forum for Restorative Justice in Tallinn. The forum gathered over 400 delegates worldwide and offered a dynamic and inspiring platform to explore the latest in restorative justice. CYCJ’s Craig Stewart sat down with Pamela to discuss her experiences.

A Memorable Experience in Tallinn

Pamela begins by mentioning how she found the conference deeply inspiring, with a remarkable assembly of passionate individuals dedicated to restorative justice. “The range of experience and expertise was fascinating,” she shared. “I learned so much to bring back and explore within the Scottish context.”

The conference was meticulously organised, with well-thought-out themes and sessions that connected seamlessly. The high-quality support provided to international delegates greatly enhanced Pamela’s ability to engage fully with the experience.

Outside of the conference, Tallinn itself left a positive impression., the city’s friendly people, modern vibe, and sunny weather made it all worthwhile.

The Future of Restorative Practice: Engaging with Children and Young People

Pamela conducted a workshop titled “The Future of Restorative Practice: Engaging with Children and Young People.” The workshop emphasised the importance of involving children in the rollout of restorative justice services. Pamela highlighted that this engagement is not only crucial for the authenticity of the work but also a fundamental right under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The workshop also provided an overview of the participation work undertaken in Scotland, offering context by discussing the needs and vulnerabilities of children in conflict with the law. Pamela told us that her key message was:

“The importance of supporting children to think restoratively from a young age and how this will get the process of restorative justice to roll out and be sought more organically. It provides children with lifelong skills to manage conflict and harm appropriately, meeting the needs of everyone involved. I also wanted to highlight that the incorporation of children’s views and working collaboratively with children can create the meaningful delivery of any restorative justice services moving forward.”

Memorable Moments and Speakers

Among the many inspiring speakers, Pamela was particularly moved by the young people who spoke during the plenary session on the second day, titled “Testimonials on Youth Participation in Peacebuilding and Restorative Justice.” These students shared their personal experiences of conflict from regions such as Kosovo, Armenia, Northern Ireland, and Nigeria. Their testimonials demonstrated the powerful role of young people in peace-making and restorative justice, resonating strongly with the themes of Pamela’s workshop.

Inspiration and Future Plans

One workshop that stood out to Pamela was focused on restorative approaches in healthcare. This innovative application of restorative practices struck her as both creative and thought-provoking. She expressed a keen interest in exploring how such approaches could benefit children, particularly as a preventative measure and a means to address harm caused by systems.

Pamela returned from Tallinn with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to connect with such a diverse and knowledgeable group. She looks forward to maintaining these connections and potentially, collaborating with the inspiring individuals she met. “The value of connection in this area of work is really powerful,” Pamela noted. “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and engage with such a diverse and knowledgeable group.”

As Pamela continues to explore and implement the insights gained from the forum, we at CYCJ are excited about the potential impact on our restorative justice practices and the positive changes it can bring to the lives of children and young people in Scotland.

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