Should we be bothering the Gods of Knowledge?

Charlotte Bozic attended the UK’s first Knowledge Mobilisation Forum, which took place in London. Here, she talks about knowledge gods, Second Life and why knowledge mobilisation really is worth the bother. ‘Knowledge mobilisation…why bother?’ If the query of one delegate had been taken literally, it could have ended the discussions at the first UK Knowledge […]

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Contesting restorative practice and restorative justice

Following the CYCJ and Sacro ‘Restorative Practice in the aftermath of serious crime’ conference, David Orr ponders crimes against Volkswagens, Nordic crime drama and restorative justice. Restorative practice and restorative justice are terms that are often used interchangeably but they are contested. A few weeks ago, the symbolic VW logo which appears on the front […]

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Raising Youth Justice

Welcome to the official CYCJ blog – a space for discussing, questioning and generally pondering all matters youth justice. Anything goes – political, societal or academic. In addition to our team sharing their thoughts and experiences, we welcome guest blogs – so email if you’ve got something to say. We hope that you enjoy reading what […]

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