The life and times of a PhD student

Fern Gillon, who is working with CYCJ as part of her research into diverting young people from crime, shares what it’s like to embark on a PhD in this funny and honest blog.

Where to start? I have every book titled, “how to…PhD/Postgrad study” but week one and two have still been a bit of a whirlwind.  I must admit I find myself asking how I’ve got to this stage considering I wanted to leave school in fourth year to become a tattoo artist (something I will pursue in retirement!).

I asked my head of department for a reference, in which he described my time at uni as having “exit velocity”. Every time I read it I envisaged my wee face being catapulted across university campus, [into] mountains of books and dissertations. I went to university interested and intrigued; however, the more knowledge I accumulated the more I questioned what to do with it – that is until I undertook my first research project. In a class called ‘Community Links’, the module leader told us cheerfully: ‘by the end you’ll know if you love or hate research’. I undertook qualitative research with young people on their opinions and experiences of stop and search. I loved it, got the bug and wanted to know how you could do this ‘for real’. Research made sense, it linked all the random information I had been gathering by reading and observing and gave it a point. It gave it a purpose. And I loved it.

And here we are at the PhD (always mindful that what goes up must come down!) Excitement and nerves are in equal proportion which I think hope is understandable at this time. It’s early days (week 1/156) but there is so much I am looking forward to and want to share with, well, anyone who is willing to listen!

And then there is the project…

The project will look at the role of multi-agency early intervention projects in diverting young people from crime. It’s a mixed-methods project which will utilise data (which means I need to master the dreaded SPSS) and qualitative information from both practitioners and young people as I feel strongly that young people should be present in research conducted on services and structures which affect them.  At the heart of the project is collaboration: with Sacro, leading early intervention provider; and the Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice. I fully acknowledge that enthusiasm doesn’t make up for years of practice experience and intuition, however, this research hopes (with all its heart) to be useful, utilised and have impact. I have a lot of ideas (which I dare not declare on the World Wide Web until my supervisor has seen them) and genuine enthusiasm for this subject and pursing research.

I hope to have more to say very soon… and hopefully CYCJ will let me blog again when that time comes. But until that point I’d welcome feedback, advice, wine…

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Fern Gillon is a PhD student based at the University of Strathclyde . Read more.

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