Home sweet home?

Can you imagine having the place you call home pulled away from you without any notice? That’s often been the experience of young people involved in the justice systems, many of whom have lived in multiple places during childhood.  In this blog, Charlie McKenzie-Nash explores their feelings around home, and how this brought them into […]

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Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

In 2019, CYCJ created a Youth Justice in Scotland page on Knowledge Hub, to help practitioners better access, share and discuss resources. Creator Donna McEwan explains why there was a need for it, the benefits of information sharing – and why we’re all in it together. Here at CYCJ, we’re often asked by practitioners working […]

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Silver linings of lockdown

The Coronavirus and UK lockdown are impacting upon young people’s day to day lives – but it’s not all negative. Our guest blogger Simone shares the positives she’s experiencing during this time, and the hope they’re giving her for the future. There has been a lot of talk recently on the current crisis situation of […]

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Inside The Nest

SPOILER ALERT – the following contains plot reveals for BBC drama The Nest. What’s it like to be a plot consultant on one of the most controversial and popular shows to hit our screens in 2020? CYCJ’s Ross Gibson was asked to give input on The Nest from a social work perspective – here he […]

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Reflections on Diversion

With the newly revised Diversion from Prosecution Standards soon to be launched, our guest blogger Kenny looks back at the intervention that ultimately helped him chart a path away from crime. At 13 I started getting involved in some behaviour in my community that people said was “anti-social”. I was just hanging around with my […]

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Youth Justice Voices: connecting young people during COVID-19

Ruth Kerracher, Youth Justice Participation Worker for Youth Justice Voices, CYCJ and Staf’s creative participation project, shares how the group is staying involved and active during the COVID-19 UK lockdown. Care and justice experienced young people involved in Staf and CYCJ’s Youth Justice Voices project have been asked to participate in various pieces of work […]

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Don’t just throw away the key – educating incarcerated young people

In a guest blog for CYCJ, University of Gloucestershire academics Dr Adeela ahmed Shafi MBE shares an innovative approach to the education of young people who are incarcerated. Locking them up and throwing away the key is effectively what a society does when it incarcerates young people who offend, if the education offered does not […]

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Much more than attainment

Shelley Buckley talks us through the SQA’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Award, which was developed at the Good Shepherd Centre, and how this could change the way we perceive mental health. Since 2017 I have been in the privileged position to work with the Good Shepherd Centre (GSC) team and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) […]

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