Falling through the gaps

“Never once do I remember someone saying to me ‘what’s going on for you Hannah? How do you feel?” Multiple failures by the systems meant to support her led to Hannah Snow experiencing turmoil and trauma from an early age. Here, she shares how she’s working on healing herself so that she can be in […]

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Young People trapped in the Justice System

Working together with South Lanarkshire Council, SDS social work team, Action for Children Whole System Services and Inclusion as Prevention, six young people took part in a 16-week programme with Street Cones to produce a fictitious short film script based on lived experiences. In August 2021, two young people representing IAP were joined by Claire […]

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Opening up about Participation

As CYCJ launches ‘Just The Right Space’, its new accessible website that was co-produced with young people, Charlotte Morris reflects on the process of participation, and why keeping an open mind is key… Before I joined CYCJ, I was invited to attend a team meeting. Two long hours later I emerged, utterly bamboozled by the […]

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Taking a leap of faith

“Bold, brave…or just plain bonkers?” As she joins CYCJ as Practice Development Advisor for Secure Care, Ruby Whitelaw ponders new challenges, and what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. After 25 years of working in residential childcare I was pondering my next challenge, as throughout my career I’ve pushed myself to learn, […]

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A gender-based violence Q&A

To raise awareness of the Gender Based Violence project they are working on, IAP’s Happy n Healthy youth activists held a question & answer session via Instagram on October 28. People were invited to submit questions, which were then answered live. Here’s what they were asked – and what they answered. The project aims to […]

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Beneath the surface

Looking back at her teenage years, Alice (not her real name) reflects on the hurt she experienced and the missed opportunities to do things differently. I was 13 the first time the police pinned me down on the ground, handcuffed me and put me in the back of a police van. I was 14 the […]

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“Hurt people hurt people – but…”

The phrase ‘hurt people, hurt people’ is one we are familiar with – but, asks EGG’s newest member Iain Corbett, is this too simplistic a way of looking at a complex issue?  I recently posted a poem on Twitter called “hurt people, hurt people, but…” and I received a few messages about it, each of […]

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How Venture Trust is helping young people achieve their potential

Venture Trust have been making a big difference to young people in conflict with the law – or at risk of being so – through its person-centred criminal justice programmes. Mike Strang, Venture Trust’s Chief Operating Officer reflects back on what has worked, and why it’s helping change lives.  “I used to think that people […]

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Bail and Remand – Dan’s Story

Bail and remand can be difficult to understand if you’re a child or a young person – or if you’re supporting them as a family member. By creating this short animation telling the story of ‘Dan’, CYCJ hopes to help people affected better understand what’s involved, who can help and what the issues are that need […]

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