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Over the Internet, Under the Radar Infographic

Barnardo’s Scotland have put together a handy info graphic summarising the wider report into online safety and risk taking behaviours amongst young people.

January E-bulletin 2018

Talking Year of Young People, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Early and Effective Interventions as we look ahead to 2018.

National advocacy service consultation – CYCJ’s response

Scottish Government  have commissioned Who Cares? Scotland and the Lines Between to survey the views of stakeholders on the forthcoming enactment of Section 122 of

Early and Effective Intervention and the Named Person Service

The Whole System Approach (WSA) Implementation Group recognises the critical importance of Early and Effective Intervention (EEI) in seeking to divert children and young people

Adverse Childhood Experiences in children at high risk of harm to others. A gendered perspective.

This paper documents the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in a sample of 130 young people aged under 18 who present high levels of risk

Formulation in Risk Practice

This information sheet looks at formulation in risk practice, focusing on the formulation stage of the Framework for Risk Assessment Management Evaluation (FRAME) as formulation

Information Sheet 68 References

Reference Sheet to accompany information sheet 68 Formulation in Risk Practice

December E-bulletin 2017

A festive round up of 2017.

Offending and Residential Childcare Webinar

Earlier this month, CYCJ’s Research Associate, Kristina Moodie and Practice Development Advisor, Debbie Nolan in collaboration with Kibble Education and Care Centre, shared findings on their research into offending in


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