Information Sheets

Info Sheet 111: Youth Engagement and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

As part of Early and Effective Intervention, a range of organisations offer youth engagement and partnership opportunities. In this Info Sheet Leigh-Anne Mcadam highlights the

Info Sheet 110: Child First Approach

In this Info Sheet the authors analyse the Child First approach, which informs youth justice responses in England and Wales, and examine the principles that

October E-bulletin

Featuring a meeting with Nicola Killean, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, reflections on Care Experience Week 2023, a new Info Sheet on Restorative Communities

Info Sheet 109: Creating Restorative Communities

Published in partnership with Education Scotland, Info Sheet 109 explores how restorative approaches can improve community cohesion, strengthen relationships and increase public confidence in restorative

Info Sheet 108: Introduction to CCE in Scotland

CCE would appear to be on the rise in Scotland, but there are currently inconsistencies across definition and practice. Nesha Dixon was commissioned to write

Info Sheet 107: An Introduction to Youth Court

Within Scotland young people in conflict with the law are increasingly seen as a distinct cohort, requiring a tailored justice approach. In this Information Sheet

Info Sheet 44: Reviews for children and young people in custody under the Whole System Approach

This Information Sheet is designed to provide information for local authorities regarding reviews for all children (aged under 18) and young people (aged under 21)

Info Sheet 106: How can children access Restorative Justice?

As the Scottish Government Restorative Justice (RJ) Action Plan progresses, consideration is given to how those who wish to, can access RJ. Although the details

Info Sheet 105: Effective practice in Diversion from Prosecution

This Information Sheet (written by Ross Gibson) considers effective practice in Diversion from Prosecution – looking at reasons to divert, and considering what effective practice

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