Youth work and the future: an interview with G20

Earlier this year Street Cones teamed up with the G20 Youth Festival based in Maryhill, Glasgow to create a documentary about their work.  At CYCJ, we were so impressed with the documentary and the interviews that followed that we knew we had to hear more. We spoke with a member of the G20 about the role and benefits of youth work, and what the future could look like.

What is it about youth work/G20 that makes it more successful than other supports like social work, education etc?

Because the young people like myself are more involved and get to say as much info about everything and anything the youth workers are doing, it isn’t just them doing everything and telling us what to do.

What can police do to overcome the friction between them and young people?

This is a question I don’t really know the answer for because not everyone is the same, not everyone wants the same, everybody got different opinions so there will always be this type of way with them.

When you become First Minister of Scotland, what will be the first 5 things you will do… and why?

  1. Fund G20 firstly because they’re class
  2. Universal basic income so people aren’t in poverty
  3. Building more gyms, should be a gym for every McDonalds
  4. You should be allowed to eat chewing gum in school because it is a daft rule
  5. More wild spaces to chill in around the city because there isn’t a lot at all with treehouses etc except The Children’s Woods in Maryhill

 A lot of children who enter secure care or prison have experienced really difficult things.  What can Scotland do to help them before they go into these places?

More places like the G20 to make them see that there is more to do than start going around the streets taking buckets or vandalising.

If you would like to learn more about G20 please visit their website.

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