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Information Sheet 68 References

Reference Sheet to accompany information sheet 68 Formulation in Risk Practice

Info Sheet 67: Understanding the relationship between brain development and offending behaviour

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body and is responsible for controlling all of the body’s functions. A number of factors

Info Sheet 65: Health provision for young people aged under 18 in and leaving SPS custody

It is widely recognised that there is a cyclical link between inequality, offending, being a victim and poor health. However, a period of detention in

Info Sheet 64: Restorative Justice – What Scotland can learn from Northern Ireland

Evidence shows that Restorative Justice (RJ) can have a useful impact on reducing reoffending while giving victims a sense of having their voices heard within

Info Sheet 62: Arts Interventions with Young People

This Information Sheet, written by Elaine Vallance, looks at the use of arts based interventions with young people involved in or at risk of offending

Info Sheet 61: Practitioner Research

With the focus on evidence-informed practice and accountability, generating more practitioner research is seen as an important way to increase the quality and quantity of

Info Sheet 60: Working with children who have experienced domestic abuse

Children are often described as the ‘forgotten victims’ of domestic abuse, with significant correlation between domestic abuse and the mental, physical and sexual abuse of

Info Sheet 59: New Grounds of Referral – Children’s Hearings Scotland Act 2011

Please note that this document was produced by the Criminal Justice Social Work Development Centre, CYCJ’s former title. The grounds of referral to the Children’s

Info Sheet 57: The Good Lives Model

The Good Lives Model (GLM) is a strengths-based approach to offender rehabilitation which aims to promote the individuals’ aspirations and plans for more meaningful and personally

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