Information Sheets

Info Sheet 37: New Technologies, New Victims: Internet Offending

Stewart Simpson discusses how new technologies and the internet are presenting new challenges in terms of offending behavior.

Info Sheet 35: Early & Effective Intervention: A Framework of Core Elements

 This information sheet, written by Jill McAfee, is intended to highlight some of the suggested changes to EEI practice following the launch of the Core

Info Sheet 33: Legal doesn’t mean safe: new drugs, new challenges

Following on from the ‘Legal doesn’t mean safe: new drugs, new challenges’ conference in December 2014, this month’s Information Sheet gives a useful overview of new

Info Sheet 31: Child Trafficking: A Scottish Perspective

This Information Sheet, written by Debbie Nolan and Jill McAfee, draws on contributions to the ‘Child Trafficking: A Scottish Perspective’ conference held by CYCJ on

Info Sheet 30: Young People’s Motivations for Firesetting

This Information Sheet focuses on young people’s motivations for firesetting. Fire can have devastating and destructive consequences for individuals, communities and the economy, with the total cost

Info Sheet 29: Children and Young People (Scotland) Act

This information sheet, written by Jill McAfee, highlights some of the provisions contained within the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 which will be

Info Sheet 27: Attachment Theory and Offending Behaviour

In work with children, young people and their families, instilling knowledge and understanding of attachment theory has become the cornerstone of training and development for

Info Sheet 26: Motivational Interviewing in 2014

Motivational Interviewing (MI) as a skill for practitioners working with individuals aspiring to make changes in their lives first came to prominence in the early

Info Sheet 24: Reintegrations and transitions

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