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Info Sheet 106: How can children access Restorative Justice?

As the Scottish Government Restorative Justice (RJ) Action Plan progresses, consideration is given to how those who wish to, can access RJ. Although the details

Info Sheet 105: Effective practice in Diversion from Prosecution

This Information Sheet (written by Ross Gibson) considers effective practice in Diversion from Prosecution – looking at reasons to divert, and considering what effective practice

Info Sheet 104: Remittal from Court

With recent research establishing a strong association between children who have experienced some form of trauma and adversity, and those engaging in harmful or risk-taking

Info Sheet 103: Simultaneous Familial Imprisonment

The impact of a family member’s imprisonment on children and young people has been increasingly well-researched and understood in recent years. In almost all of

Info Sheet 102: Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse

Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (CAPVA) has been referred to as one of the most hidden forms of family violence. However, only

Info Sheet 101: Appropriate Adults in Scotland

Appropriate Adults provide communication support to adults who are considered vulnerable and become involved in the justice system. This can be as a victim, witness,

Info Sheet 99: Restorative processes and Children’s Rights

As Scotland progresses with the incorporation of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots Law there is a requirement

Info Sheet 100: FASD and young people in conflict with the law

People with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) are disproportionally represented within the criminal justice system, and the care-experienced community. In addition, they face many challenges,

Info Sheet 98: The interaction between young masculinities, trauma and prison

Why focus on male trauma? Boys and young men are overrepresented in the justice system, and especially so in the prison estate where around 95%

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