Information Sheets

Info Sheet 46: Home Detention Curfews

The Home Detention Curfew (HDC, or ‘tag’ as it is often referred to) is a scheme that allows certain prisoners, including 16 and 17 year

Info Sheet 45: Space To Think: Lessons and Impact of the IVY Project

This Information Sheet, written by CYCJ’s Linda Robb, summarises some of the learnings from the IVY (Interventions for Vulnerable Youth) Project and discusses the findings

Info Sheet 44: Reviews for young people in custody under the Whole System Approach – Information for local authorities

This Information Sheet, written by Debbie Nolan, is designed to provide information for local authorities regarding reviews for young people aged under 18 in custody and

Info Sheet 43: Breaking the Cycle

This Information Sheet, written by CYCJ’s Jill McAfee, summarises some of the main themes from the CYCJ ‘Breaking the Cycle’ conference on intergenerational offending, which was held

Info Sheet 42: Improving Practice for Girls

This month’s Information Sheet, written by CYCJ’s Carole Dearie, follows on from the national launch of the Improving Practice for Girls training programme on 20

Info Sheet 41: Youth Justice and Children’s Rights

This Information Sheet, written by CYCJ’s Jill McAfee, aims to assist practitioners to develop a sound understanding of children’s rights throughout the Children’s Hearings and

Info Sheet 40: Understanding ambiguous loss in young people involved in offending

This Information Sheet, written by CYCJ’s Research Fellow Nina Vaswani,  outlines the range of different losses that young people in custody may experience throughout a difficult and troubled

Information Sheet 40 – list of references

This list of references accompanies Information Sheet number 40, ‘Understanding ambiguous loss in young people involved in offending’.

Info Sheet 38: Managing Risk of Serious Harm in Young People

This information sheet, written by Stewart Simpson, aims to share key messages in relation to monitoring, supervising and managing young people who are considered to be of

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