Reimagining Justice with Children and Young People


‘Reimagining Justice with Children and Young People: Building Rights Respecting Services Together’ is an innovative approach from CYCJ that supports the design of rights-based services for and with children and young people on the cusp of or in conflict with the law.

Those who use the services (including children and young people) will be placed at the heart of the ‘Reimagining Justice’ design process, working alongside practitioners and managers. Read more.


In recent years, Scotland has introduced significant changes that will impact on children and young people, including The Promise and planned incorporation of United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) into Scots law. CYCJ recognises that alignment with the outcomes of The Promise and UNCRC will require organisations to develop a rights-upholding approach to children in conflict with the law, and wanted to support this.

‘Reimagining Justice’ also builds on recommendations made by CYCJ’s 2019 independent evaluation, which emphasised the benefits of CYCJ expanding its support to help local authorities reflect on service provision, and to design and deliver change.


Using a model grounded in the 7 principles of the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD), CYCJ will work closely with organisations and local authorities, and those who use the services, throughout the three-phase process. This will include questionnaires and workshops which can be facilitated virtually and/or in person.

Phase 1 (Discovery and Define) is available for free and will help you to include the views of children, young people and their families from the beginning, alongside the workforce, to understand where developments and improvements could be most impactful and achievable.

Should the organisation wish to progress, Phase 2 (Develop and Deliver); and Phase 3 (Evaluation) are available at a cost; however, these are also optional. ‘Reimagining Justice’ is a flexible approach, with participants encouraged to access it in a way that works best for their needs.

View the full process.


‘Reimagining Justice’ is available to all organisations and local authorities. If you are interested in undertaking a ‘Reimagining Justice’ approach, please email or call her on 07964912079 for more information.

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